Jüllich Glas Solar

Jüllich Glas Holding Ltd and its predecessors were established by Mr. Ádám Jüllich in a garage of a family house, in 1984. From here developed the company to one of the most dominant glass processing company of East-Central Europe. Nowadays the production is running in 35.000 m2 modern production halls, with the latest state of art machinery.
Annually approximately 2,5 million m2 glass, 100.000 windscreens, and hundreds of glass processing machinery is sold by the firms of Holding, which is assuring a stable and continuous employment to 450-500 workers.
Jüllich Glas Holding Ltd from its foundation, has put significant energies to apply the latest technologies in production as well as to create the most innovative products, with the leading technical solutions.
We have been looking for a long time for those solutions, where –applying our experience and know-how in the glass industry – we can set out to produce new , innovative products, which widen the product portfolio of the organisation, and help people to understand and apply energy saving and environmental protecting methods.
As a result of this intention we obligatory arrived to the use of solar energy.

Jüllich Glas Solar history

Establishment of the Solar Division

Technological development in a value of 15 million €. Decision was made to start the R&D program for solar technologies

Launch of the R&D program of Solar power, with the aim to develop  silicon cell solar panel, as well as its production technology , with special emphasize on their application in building industry. The logistics warehouse at 8. Holland fasor Székesfehérvár was built

As a result of these developments the first solar panel production facility of Jüllich Glas Holding started its operation on 1st October, 2011. 


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