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The world's largest solar power plant is in process

India has decided to build the world's largest solar power plant that will be able to power 4,000 megawatts. This corresponds to an average of four reactor performance. The project will be more powerful than any existing solar program.


70-megawatt solar power plant in Japan

The smart phone manufacturer Kyocera Kagosima built Japan's largest solar power plant, the Nanatsujima Mega Solar Power Plante. The 70-megawatt facility is sufficient for 22 thousand households energy.The city also has an active volcano.

Source: index.hu


Life-giving energy of our sun

Recently we can hear more and more about the renewable energy sources as a possible alternative. Earth's coal, oil and natural gas reserves are finite, and we do not know exactly how long are also available. The solar energy is only one of many options.

Source: Édekes Világunk blog

Author: Tokár Tamás Zalán


The solar power plant active at night started its work.

It has passed the test of commercial the 280-megawatt Solana solar power plant in Arizona, which also can produce electricity without sunlight. The 7.8 square kilometers facility is one of the largest solar power plant, and the heat collected the sunlight and makes energy from sunlight is stored as.

Source: index.hu


Extraordinary action of solar plant and solar collector!


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The Jüllich Glas Holding inagurate a solar panel factory.

- from 2.5 billion forints was built a new plant in Székesfehérvár - 30th September, 2011. Székesfehérvár. – The Jüllich Glass Holding has started a new factory of manufacture of solar panels in Székesfehérvár. The group's press conference reported that after nearly two years of research and development work resulted the new factory and presented the special equipment for manufacture solar cells. Next to the value of HUF 2.5 billion project, the company received an European Union support of HUF 398 million. The new plant will initially give work to 40 persons in the next two years and depending on market conditions will create an additional 130 to 160 jobs.


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